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The new trend of the last few years is team building!

It has been a common practice in the United States and in Northern Europe and in recent years it has also spread to Italy.


The terms training and incentives are the basis of the philosophy of team building, through which we can create relationships among people who define themselves as "colleagues", "employees", "managers" or "capisector".


This happens thanks to sport and cultural activities, thanks to which we "team up". The results of one or more team building days are: increasing the level of trust in peers, facilitating communication, stimulating creativity, bringing out leadership, discovering new aspects of the person who works close to your desk, educating on delegation and work for objectives, developing listening and collaboration, convey the company's mission and values, evaluate and strengthen skills, bring management and operational staff closer together.

There are different types of team building, especially about the management of the same that can see all participants at the same level of involvement, tasks and responsibilities, or the one that follows the pyramid structure inside companies and sees a team-leader and figures related to him in a hierarchical position.


TheItalianlakes T.O. & D.M.C. can organize these and other activities for your company:


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